We welcome publishing guest posts on Sustainable Initiatives blog. If you any views on sustainability issues, or wish to share information or announce a relevant event just email us at info@sustainableinitaives.org.pk and if it is found relevant it will get posted! Listed below are some guidelines on how to go about this:

What can be a relevant topic?

Anything finding a context to sustainability – environmental, social, economic. You can share views and recommendations, information about your work, reference to some global best practice or announce an upcoming event.

How can I format my post?

Try to be concise in your post. If you have more than one topic to discuss or one topic has a number of aspects attached to it than we recommend use of bullet points or breaking your contribution in a series of posts. You can include images if relevant (but do credit the owners if the images are not yours). You can and links to information that may be useful in adding more value to the discussion.

Talking politics?

Since Sustainable Initiatives is a non-political organization, therefore we would not entertain any political content

How will I be credited?

Each post by a guest blogger will be supported by a line like “Guest post by …person’s name” added, and be tagged with the posters name, so that you will have a URL that lists all of your posts in one place