Sustainable Initiatives addresses the issue of climate change and its relevance to Pakistan, particularly within an urban context with a special expertise in the design and planning of smart and green cities. Our team has a wide experience in developing climate change adaptation and climate change resilience strategies, plans and establishing monitoring and evaluation regimes that include setting performance indicators, benchmarks and analyzing and measuring performance trends. We are aggressively engaged in the promotion of organic farming and associated green architecture such as vertical and rooftop gardening. Some of the important climate change relevant areas in terms of action research and application, where we have specially trained personnel include energy efficiency, utilization of renewable sources of energy, conducting environmental audits, preparation of sustainability reports for the corporate sector, and conducting Environmental Impact Assessments.


Moreover, our team specializes in preparing policy and strategic frameworks and position papers on incorporation of this agenda in governmental visioning and planning documents and processes. We are well-equipped to deal with the conceptualization, development and conducting of customized training along with academic course modules, having a basic focus on climate change for government agencies, academia and civil society organizations. For this purpose, we regularly network with the academia, government and civil society organizations in Pakistan and abroad and hold awareness raising and educational seminars and workshops.