Sustainable Initiatives is served by a highly experienced team of professional specializing in qualitative and quantitative surveys that can be mobilized anywhere in Pakistan.  The team is fully conversant on factors such as heterogeneity between urban and rural Pakistan, nature of the target geography and availability of sampling frames and the diversities found across cities and villages in Pakistan in terms of size, location, ethnicity, culture, lifestyle, occupation, and education.

Other than the actual survey, the team also specializes in conducting In Depth Interviews (IDIs) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) among other qualitative research tools. Apart from carrying out the actual surveys, the team is well-equipped to deal with the storage of the data, analysis of the data and reporting on the data gathered from these different research tools. Quality control mechanisms are employed and the survey data is evaluated and analyzed using sophisticated software tools to develop trends, interrelationships and for data validity.