Representing our core ideology and our focus areas, Sustainable Initiatives has been able to work in a wide variety of different areas targeting education, health and a wide variety of other issues which are related to sustainability. Our projects are designed in way that they ensure long-term impacts, empowerment of communities along with youth mobilization. This is what makes our work stand out. Not only do we have projects that primarily seek to address numerous issues and bringing out actual change in the communities that we work with, we also specialize in collecting the right kind of data. We also have been able to specialize in monitoring and evaluation of different schemes and our projects due to the excellent expertise that our team offers.

There are a number of projects that we have been able to complete. We have a special focus in the project areas where the impact would be continued for generations to come. We have a wide variety of different projects running at the time. To know more about the exciting work that we do, please click on our On-Going Projects and Completed Projects.