Artful Envision is an idea conceived and formed by Durr-e-Sameen Hashmi, a mental health professional who believes that the environment has a major role to play in the development of thought processes. Following the idea of positive psychology, she believes that in volatile areas, where environment can lead to negative thought patterns, these thought patterns can be altered and changed through the right kind of vision, and a wide variety of different artistic activities. Therefore, Bahar-e-Khayal which in Urdu means Spring of Thought is an upcoming event to be held at Jamshed Ahmed Khan School on 26th February, 2015 in celebration of the World NGO day. The fundamental idea behind this is to foster the development of a happy environment by giving rise to positive expressions and feelings in the youth. Since youth is an extremely important component of the society, it is important that the outlook that they have in life is positive. Through conducting different activities related to art and creativity, positive expressions and thoughts would be inculcated into children; something badly needed in our community especially in Hijrat Colony, where crime and violence has been on the rise. In a city like Karachi, Sustainable Initiatives and Artful Envision believe that this is much needed.

The project would be a low-cost activity centering on the prime idea of youth mobilization and volunteerism. We must invest into the youth not only through economic means but by providing them a safe and happy environment so that they can prosper in the future.